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Presently, Reproductive Health Mission collaborates with Reproductive Health Medicine & Gynecology, LLC (RHMG) to deliver various programs within the community. RHMG is and operates as a typical office-based gynecological practice. RHMG has a special focus in Women’s Reproductive Health. RHMG has been given focused practice designation in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology by the American Board of OBGYN.

A statement from RHMG with regards to their approach to care:

‘’Unlike the current state of reproductive health which centers around suppression (e.g., hormonal contraception for pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, acne, or other ‘’medical’’ reasons), we, at RHMG, believe in reproductive health that centers around restoration of normal function. Therefore, we center our health education, diagnosis and treatment on women’s ovulatory patterns and place cycle charting as the basis of our work. Within some circles, cycle charting is also known as Natural Family Planning or NFP. However, meeting our patients where they are, we approach this primarily from a health and medical perspective. Our patients have the freedom to chart with whatever method they find suitable for them, and it is the role of our medical team to interpret their charts. We are also able to provide charting instructions at no costs to our patients. RHMG also utilizes telemedicine to care for our patients, thus improving access even to remote areas and making it convenient for our patients. We strive to make this ethical and sensible approach to women’s health available, accessible, and affordable.


In addition to providing general gynecological care, we are also:

- Providing effective evaluation and treatment for infertility

- Providing adolescent gynecology services

- Providing endocrinological support for pregnant patients

- Providing no cost charting instructions in FEMM, CrMS and Billings

- Collaborating with Crisis Pregnancy Centers for the provision of Abortion Pill Reversal in AL and GA

- Training Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants through a formal fellowship program

- Developing health coaching services for our patients

- Developing an outreach Women’s Health for Teens program


Through our unique model, we have a sustainable, thriving, and replicable model. We achieve this by prioritizing ongoing training and support for our staff and through that delivering consistently excellent care for our patients wherever they are.

Please visit for more information.’’

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