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About Us

Reproductive Health Mission, Inc (RHMI) is an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit organization. It seeks to collaborate with communities to meet the unmet needs for women’s reproductive health. Within the field of women’s reproductive health, there is a dire need for an approach that is not suppressive and an approach that does not ignore the underlying pathology and simply bypass reproductive function. In other words, there is a need for an approach that respects, co-operate and restores normal reproductive function. Presently, due to the severe lack of services within the community, many women seeking care for their reproductive health are not given the opportunity to be informed of and to choose the restorative approach.

Consequently, RHMI have funding opportunities for programs such as:

Addressing these unmet needs, RHMI core missions are:

  • To deliver, advance and promote women’s reproductive health care through the education of its factual and fundamental components.

  • To improve access to and delivery of women’s reproductive health care.

  • Restorative reproductive health clinic start-ups planning and funding for communities.

  • Accessible and affordable ovulation charting instructions for women.

  • Outreach initiatives in reproductive health education for teenage girls.

  • Clinical fellowship training program in women’s reproductive health for advanced practitioners.

  • Research on restorative reproductive medicine’s outcome and long-term impact on health.

  • Appropriate medical care for women seeking abortion pill reversal.

RHMI recognizes that these programs can be more effectively delivered through health care organizations such as medical practices and hospitals within the community. Health care organizations have the staff and operational frameworks already in place to deliver medical care on a large scale. RHMI looks to support health care organizations by providing operational guidance and financial support in delivering these programs within the community.


At the same time RHMI seeks to identify donors who share the same mission and would like to see these programs flourish within and beyond their communities. These programs positively impact women, families, and the community where they are being delivered. More importantly, these programs allow women the opportunity to freely choose and be supported in the approach they believe is right for them.  

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